Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Feminism aka Feminazi.

Feminism equals man hater Right? Not really. At least not all of us.Well not completely. Just read on!

I seriously think of original feminism as modern day humanism. You'll see me say original feminism and modern day feminism a lot. I separate the two because I feel that modern day feminism and the modern day feminist movement have been steered the wrong direction.

Original feminism was started because they wanted women to have equal rights as men. We're not there yet but we are heading slowly in the right direction. However, modern day feminism has turned into a huge man hating cluster of crap.

As a mother of 2 daughters I want them to grow up in a world where they are considered equal to men. Now let me tell you I believe that all people should be paid or hired based upon their experience and how well they do their job. Not whether they are black or white, gay or straight, male or female, etc. I want my kids to be judged based on their merits and what they can add to the world not what's dangling or nor dangling between their legs.

As a mother of a son I don't want him to be raised in a feministic society where he is told he's the weaker and less valued sex. I don't want my daughter's thinking that just because they are woman that it makes them better than anyone else. This is why I have a hard time calling myself a feminist. I have seen some of the people on the forefront speaking out for feminism today and I must tell you that they can be some of the most vial people on earth. No wonder people bash feminism. The one's yelling the loudest need to shut their big fat yappers! This is why I have a hard time calling myself a feminist.

I will however call myself a humanist. As I work for woman's equality I also work for equality of all sexes, races, etc.

Let me explain what I mean by equality. We as people are not individually equal. We all bring different things to the table. Some of us are better than other's at many different things. There will never be equality in that sense. We are all, however, entitled to the same rights and opportunities. Equality in freedom and opportunity. That is a cause I worth fighting for.

Feminism is still needed but the movement needs a face-lift because it's turning into a monster. If you want to try to change that good for you! Stay and try to direct the cause back into a good direction. Either that or you can just leave modern feminism behind and join Humanism.

Equality for all.

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